Advances in Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) Management

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- By Sonali Karhana -  Despite recent diagnostic and therapeutic advances, prostate adenocarcinoma is the second most common cancer in the Western male population. One in 7 men over the age of 50 years are diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. “The first step toward ending this disease, which takes the [...]

Natural Killer Cells are Crucial to Generating Robust Anti-Tumor Immune Response

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- By Ramon Valencia, Vice president-Corporate Development & Strategy -  The focus of immunotherapy  over the last decade has been activating or re-activating T cells.  A lesser known, but no less important to healthy immune function, is an immune cell called a natural killer (NK) cell.  .   NK cells “natural killer” are named so [...]