We are pleased to announce that we have received a grant from the USISTEF to advance our program for the development of monoclonal antibody therapeutics for the treatment of COVID-19. This is a collaborative project in partnership with Prof. Shiladitya Sengupta (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Cambridge, MA). The novel coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented global crisis that needs to be met with agile science for durable treatment options. Monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics constitute one of the most promising treatment lines against COVID19. We will use our proprietary INABLR® antibody discovery platform to identify unique human monoclonal antibodies (HmAb) for therapeutic and potentially prophylactic applications against SARS-CoV-2 protein through disruption or disablement of virus entry and/or fusion with host cells. Prof. Sengupta and Zumutor have extensive experience in novel monoclonal antibody therapeutics development.