Zumutor receives the US patent for its novel biologic ZM008

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Zumutor is happy to announce that it received a notice of allowance from USPTO on its flagship product : ZM008 ZM008 is a novel monoclonal antibody:  designed and developed by scientists at Zumutor Biologics. This Ab will have far reaching impact on patient outcomes in solid cancers especially those with limited standard therapeutic options. [...]

Zumutor Receives FDA Response on Pre-Investigational New Drug (PIND) Application

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Zumutor Receives FDA Response on Pre-Investigational New Drug (PIND) Application for its Novel NK cell Therapeutics ZM008 Against Locally Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumors - FDA provides very specific recommendation for the proposed ZM008 program - Company intends to submit an IND application for ZM008 this year against locally advanced or metastatic solid tumours [...]

Abrogation of natural killer cell check point pathway LLT1/CD161 by novel anti LLT1 antibody ZM008 and its therapeutic applications in solid cancers.

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Maloy Ghosh, Sanghamitra Bhattacharjee, Anurag Tiwari, Ashvini Kumar Dubey, Yogendra Manjunath, Pallavi Lahiri, Amir Horowitz; Zumutor Biologics, Bangalore, India; Precision Immunology Institute/Tisch Cancer Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY Background: LLT1/CD161 interaction plays important roles in cancer immune surveillance, fine tuning of NK cells responsiveness and down regulating effector [...]

INABLRS® – End to end antibody discovery platform

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Major strategies for mining human antibody repertoires are: a) non-combinatorial and b) combinatorial strategies. Non-combinatorial strategies retrieve human Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) from single B-cells with the original heavy and light chain pairs while combinatorial strategies involve human antibody library with randomly combined heavy and light chains. Both approaches have led to food and drug [...]

Training a Natural Killer!

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- By Aniket Bangroo, Kirthana MV Sindhe and Subhra Prakash Chakrabarty - Cancer is a formidable disease that may arise when some cells of our body behave in an anomalous fashion giving rise to tumors marked by abnormal growth, cell survivability and the ability to escape immune surveillance. The immune system of our body, [...]

Advances in Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) Management

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- By Sonali Karhana -  Despite recent diagnostic and therapeutic advances, prostate adenocarcinoma is the second most common cancer in the Western male population. One in 7 men over the age of 50 years are diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. “The first step toward ending this disease, which takes the [...]

Natural Killer Cells are Crucial to Generating Robust Anti-Tumor Immune Response

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- By Ramon Valencia, Vice president-Corporate Development & Strategy -  The focus of immunotherapy  over the last decade has been activating or re-activating T cells.  A lesser known, but no less important to healthy immune function, is an immune cell called a natural killer (NK) cell.  .   NK cells “natural killer” are named so [...]